Top 10 BGSU Betrayals

List of epic betrayals
1: The Rodster joins forces with Amazon

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‘Career Choice Program’
That is, if you ‘choose’ to work at Amazon! Tee-hee!


“Is the campus transformation complete like I ordered, Rodney?”
“No, Lord Bezos. I-”
“NO? Are you telling me my underling can’t even carry out my simple plan to convert every US campus into an Amazon employee factory? All of the preparations have been made and you have squandered them! I should have never relied on weaklings like you to do the work.”
“It’s just… There’s one problem, Lord Bezos… It’s the-”
“Well then! Spit it out!”
“It’s the Linux Club, sir.”
“You have 1 week to sort it out. Do not return until your job is complete.”


Well the air-conditioning on campus was fun while it lasted I guess.