Uni can’t hire people with visible tattoos.

On the other hand
they never said what the morse code was. :thinking:

It’s kind of backwards that the University cannot hire people with visible tattoos. It’s a state university, isn’t it supposed to be a secular institution then?

Very disappointing, I will be getting a Face tattoo in solidarity with those affected by this injustice.


Davis shared a story about mirrors placed by the doors for the route drivers. These mirrors were placed as a reminder for the drivers to look at their appearance before they left company grounds.

Davis remembers the mirrors donning a quote along the lines of, “Look at yourself, did you meet the Pepsi standard?”

Have you got what it takes to meet the Pepsi standard?

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Secular Institution

Remember the university has a chapel on campus which was established to promote “Christian Living”, and once had a president who refused to hire atheists or Christians who didn’t regularly attend church. In the past, the university administration made sure to hire professors that were favorable to the local Catholic diocese. BGSU has a very non-secular history.

When I worked at a gas station, I have to admit our Pepsi guy was top notch. Very friendly and knew our names.

It’s too bad that campus has a Pepsiproof forcefield surrounding every dining area. I saw a guy try to take a can of Sierra Mist into the union and the dude got disintegrated.


Yea, but separation of church and state and all that.