Rules - read before registering and posting

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The purpose of this website is to facilitate a message board-like interface for community members to congregate and discuss varied topics.

Apart from that, here are some general forum rules:

  1. Please be an adult of 18 years before registering for an account.
  2. Do not post anything illegal under United States law.
  3. Do not deliberately spam or otherwise interface with this website with the intent of disruption / destruction.
  4. Do not post NSFW content/images directly on the website. I will not host it. You may swear and talk about controversial topics, but I won’t allow media that is categorically not safe for work.
  5. Low-quality posts are not allowed. Low-quality posts include gibberish, scamming, or deliberately talking off-topic.
  6. You can post under a pseudonym, but impersonating somebody else without clearly being satirical is not allowed.
  7. You can discuss university related topics here, but I will not allow academically dishonest conduct such as cheating or otherwise “what are the answers to X”-type posts.
  8. Having fun is a strict requirement. Not having fun will result in a ban. /s

These are the tentative rules, and are subject to change.

roll along, you keyboard warriors…