Ranking 700 Video Game Characters

Here’s the completed chart from Linux Club tonight. Clearly I need to play some new games to fill out all the unknown characters.

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No way TF2 spy is D TIER while the FALL GUY gets A TIER :rodney:

Certainly, here are a few variations that convey a sense of a glaring oversight or a significant miss, in a concise two-word format:

  1. Astounding miss.
  2. Colossal miss.
  3. Unbelievable miss.
  4. Monumental miss.
  5. Unfathomable miss.
  6. Staggering miss.
  7. Inexcusable miss.
  8. Breathtaking miss.
  9. Unparalleled miss.
  10. Unprecedented miss.

These options should offer a range of intensities and tones to suit the context of your humorous critique.