Python/Java Intro Course?

Trying to take an intro to Python / Java course before I graduate for the experience. We have CS1010 for Java, does anyone know if there is an intro to Python and what the class code is?

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The Programming Languages course covers it, but you’re probably better off following a book in self study. I could do a primer on Python at Linux club if that’s desirable.

I don’t think Programming Languages specifically covers Python or Java in the course (they do Ruby and Scala, which is similar, kind of!), but it goes a ways into explaining why some programming languages adopt certain paradigms, which is very useful. The textbook is Seven Languages in Seven Weeks, which is a pretty good read.
Both languages’ standards for OOP aren’t too crazy different, and learning ‘Pythonic’ OOP is just a matter of different conventions you’d learn just trying it. Python is also marketed to people as a “good first programming language,” which means that tutorials and books often ignore the philosophy of Python to make it easier to read. I think the best resource right now for Python is to just read the documentation, it’s done really well and it’s how I learned.

As far as classes go, I see the catalog lists 1010 as Intro to Python, but no courses for specifically Java.