Ohio sells your data if you own a car

iF yOu wANteD tO hAVe priVaCY, yoU shOuldn’T oWn a CaR

Richard Harp is a private investigator from Pickerington who bought data. When asked if the data was pretty robust, he said: “Oh very much so.”

When pressed further, Norman acknowledged that the state probably could do a better job of making drivers aware, saying “you’re probably right…”

Malley told 10 Investigates that states like Ohio should insert fake driver profiles into their system in order to test to see if private companies or other entities who bought the data are performing impermissible uses with that personal information.

It’s something Ohio currently does not do.

“We are constantly looking for ways to improve the process. I don’t suspect that we will stop after we improve this. After we find a way to put the data in we are going to look for more ways to make data more safe."

Barrel of laughs in this one. Good thing this is all satire, right? Right?

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