Minecraft Server

Would anyone be interested in a Minecraft server? If given support by a few people, I would be happy to set up a Minecraft server. Not vanilla though, I personally hate playing unmodded Minecraft.

I use the Technic launcher and the packs I like to use are as follow:

Colonial Expansion
Towns and Kingdoms [1.16.5]
yogbox 2.0

Those three are my main three packs, if anyone wants to play another pack, I’d be glad to try it out. Personally I would like to play either Yogbox or Colonial expansion. Any mod pack recommendations are welcomed as well.


Minecraft is proprietary software Minecraft server would be neat. I use MultiMC to manage versions and I always install Forge Fabric, but I never got into anything that wasn’t the vanilla game.

We had some murmurs about a Xonotic server as well, so maybe I’ll upgrade the VPS to host all this stuff.

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That being said, it might also be worth setting up Mumble for voice chat. It’s excellent software for videogames and super easy to set up / use.

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I had mumble, though after my PC reset, I gotta re-install it. I’ve used MultiMC but I never got to much into it, mostly because I don’t play minecraft enough to justify using it. I’ve never heard of Xonotic though.

I can’t stand Vanilla minecraft, to me its just so bland to play. I used to play on a minecraft server that had a bunch of FE/RF power mods. That was great, nothing better then spending hours trying to fix the spaghetti of wires just to power something that doesn’t work 90% of the time

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I can’t stand Java Edition, I only play Minecrap on iPad.

I use Wayback Machine to play the multiplayer alpha on the old minerscraft website.

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It’s the most fun you can have inside of an app.


why play minecraft when you could play minetest


GOOD point