Lore Analysis: The BGSU Commencement Fall 2021

This thread will be where I post my findings, analyzing the deep lore of BGSU Commencement Fall 2021. Stay tuned for more findings!


Bagpipe & Mace
What are the two items everyone associates with the middle ages in Europe (Also known as the cool period of European history)? Any academic will tell you immediately that they are the mace and the bagpipe. Because during graduation everyone is dressed like the middle ages, it only makes sense to use these two thematic elements right at the start of the ceremony to set the tone.

The Sign Language Window
Because the YouTube captions are auto generated, and thus have the potential for inaccuracies an ASL interpreter is used to provide equal service to the deaf. Honestly, this should be a thing in all the university videos. It would be really cool to watch the rogers report with live ASL feed.

Whimsical Music
Whimsical music is important because it reminds you that you are on a journey of whimsy and fun. This is just like the start of a JRPG, which are often set in medieval European settings just like this one.

Epic Beard Man
This guy has an epic beard. I just think that’s cool.

Psalms 30:5

This powerful quote from the Bible appears on the back of this graduation cap. Could this be that person’s favorite Psalm? Perhaps it is a metaphor for something else?

It is impossible to say for certain, but I think this prominent message is no accident.

Big Chungus: First sighting
A big chungus can briefly be seen in this frame, identified by his weird horizontal mask near the foreground. What is he doing here? Why does he wear the mask? Why is his tassel on backwards? It is at times like these I am glad I can convince myself cryptids are not real.

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Mysterious Apparition: Floating head
Very briefly a floating head can be seen in this photo, smiling directly at a camera. A hand appears to be holding it up, however we all know that heads are located on the torso, not on the fist. What is causing these mysterious phenomena? Why? Is it a message from a higher power?

Hang Loose
Very briefly, a masked figure wearing a dark cloak can be seen giving the camera man the Shaka sign (Also known as the “Hang Loose” gesture). However the is not a surfboard in sight. Is this code for something else?

Explore Campus
Here the speaker invites guests to explore an as of yet unseen campus, suggesting that the location of the event is larger then what we see. He also mentions “Parking is free” which suggests that this “campus” is so vast an automobile is required to traverse it.

Shake Hands
Here it is indicated that several important figures are willing to shake graduate hands, with the tone being one of reluctance. However later in the video they can be seen extending their hands eagerly. Why is there a discrepancy between what is described and what is later seen?

The Man in Orange
Here we are introduced to a new character: President Rodney Rogers. He can be seen entering the room behind his president’s platform party. His medallion is of unknown purpose, but it is without a doubt, significant to the proceedings, and is likely a very powerful artifact.

Big Chungus: Second sighting
Just barely in frame, we get a closer look at the big chungus seen earlier. He is now hatless, but still wears the mask, which can now be seen to also include some form of eye protection. Perhaps this too is some sort of artifact of power?

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Depositing of the Mace
Here the mace is deposited into a pedestal. It is unclear why someone would give up such a cool weapon. Perhaps it is to recharge it’s mystic energy?

Rodney Rogers Speaks
Rodney Rogers begins to speak in this section. Shortly after he starts his speech he mentions that there are 1082 graduates. Is there a significance to this number? Here is some food for thought: A quick Google search revealed that this number is code for “Mastery”. Coincidence?

The Mask Incident
When President Rodney Rogers spoke of the pandemic and the dangers it wrought, it felt like it would be the same thing we had heard for the past two years. However, everything changed in a second. Pay attention to his hands: Just as Rodney Rogers says “This global pandemic”, his face mask is ripped from his hands by an unseen force, and lands off camera in a plant next to the podium? What could have caused this? Perhaps it was a ghost? I hope not.

Jumbotron Video
Here a video plays instead of the actual event. It appears to be a recap for an old episode, like what you see at the start of Dragon Ball Z. However those normally go at the start of the episode, not 18 minutes in. Perhaps instead, this is some kind of prolonged flashback sequence?

The Rollercoaster: Origins
Part of the flashback sequence: Here a rollercoaster is shown.
Presumably this is part of the “Campus” referenced earlier.
Spoiler warning!
However as we later learn in the video, this is not the case.

The Truth Revealed
Here Rodney Rogers points out that the roller coaster is located somewhere other then the campus. This is an important bit of world building, and lets us know about the wider world of the series.

Rodney Rogers drops some more statistics to help build up the expanded world of the series. He mentions specifically library usage, Wi-Fi traffic (“325,987 thousands of terabytes of data on the wifi” is stated. The wording is unusual, but he meant either 325987000TB=326 Exabytes! or conservatively, assuming he mis-spoke 325987TB=0.326 Exabytes). He also discusses pizza consumption (Primary food eaten on “campus”?) and a “Rec center” which he speculates an in universe correlation between. Perhaps the author has a deep lore bible to keep track of all these background details? Very impressive!