Linux Club Hackathon 2022

A Hackathon for Linux Club members and other students is happening through this weekend!

From Friday at 5, and ALL DAY Saturday, to Sunday at 3, HAYES 111 will be the headquarters for the Hackathon.
You can count on me to be there most of the time, and I’ll do my best to provide stuff for students working there (pizza, coffee, games, et cetera).


Friday at 5 will be the opening ceremony and the Team-finding meeting.
Once you have a team, just tell me what your team is and who’s on it.
Your team submission is due before NOON on Saturday.
I will also provide a video call meeting (via Jitsi) for those who aren’t in the room.


It will be up to your team to hack around and make an entry for the competition.
Hayes 111 will be open as long as the building is open throughout Saturday.
Project submissions are due SUNDAY at 1PM.
I will also keep-up the Jitsi video call for anyone who wants to use it throughout the weekend.


Judging and the closing ceremony will happen at 1:30PM on Sunday.
Judging methods are still being worked out, but it will be sure that the winner will get all the marbles.

You are free to start forming teams right now!
Good luck, and see you Friday at Hayes 111!


Hackathon is ongoing!

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It continues!

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