Linux Club Approved Software

Would you like the Linux club to publish a list of approved software for university use, as a means to get the university to use more open source software? The list would be made by basically anyone in the club who wants to contribute to it.

It is highly doubtful actual policymakers will care about what this list says. However, it might be effective in helping students find useful software for personal use. Such lists already exist of course, but this would be tailored to local needs.

I’m a little uncertain of the name. I just picked this when reminiscing about old android forms and their “Approved Software” lists (Which software followed Android 4.0 design standards #HOLOYOLO).

Approved Learning Management Software
Currently the University uses Canvas LMS. By no means is it perfect, but it is AGPL which is what you want for a web hosted LMS. If you haven’t used competing LMS before, this may surprise you, but it’s relatively functional and straightforward as well. The university has dipped its fingers in worse proprietary equivalents before, and it’s best for everyone that the university sticks to an open source LMS if they do decide to change.

  • Canvas LMS
  • Moodle LMS
  • Sakai

Approved Word Processing Software
Composition is among the most common tasks a BGSU student will perform in many disciplines. While the university provides students with a proprietary word processor free of charge, this comes with several strings attached. Free yourself from the yoke and rely on these word processors for general usage.

  • LibreOffice Writer - Ideal for general student use.
  • AbiWord

This sounds cool. We could write this for site as a list of approved software.
The most common proprietary software crutches are is modeling and editing, so I suggest Blender, Openshot, and the GIMP. You can also find free software recognized by the FSF through the Free Software Directory.

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To add, I think it would be nice to have an “Alternatives to…” organization

Instead of Photoshop, use the GIMP, etc.