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You can use this topic to introduce yourself to everyone if you’ve just joined. I’ll start.

I’m the guy who maintains this website, and you may know me if you are in Linux Club or study CS/Mathematics. You can mail me with any questions about the site at Happy posting :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m Alex, and I use he/him pronouns.

I’m a computer science major, hoping to become a software engineer later on in life.

I’ve dabbled in various Linux distros, tested them in virtual machines, tried dual booting once, and installed it on laptops. My pride and joy being a ThinkPad T440 with EndeavourOS installed on it. While my main computer runs cough cough Windows as of now, I plan on switching to EndeavourOS once Windows decides to slow down.

Here’s a picture of my cat!

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I love my T440p. Just replaced the keyboard the other day, but it didn’t come with the trackpoint, so I’ve gone trackpoint-less for the past week.

IIRC EndeavourOS is a contiguation of Antergos? Glad to see the project is alive.

IIRC EndeavourOS is a contiguation of Antergos?

Yeah, I learned about from some accounts I follow on social media. I love it.

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Daww, that’s a cute cat.

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Once upon a time I had a T530. Was good while it lasted.

Hey, i’m Cooper and i use He/Him pronouns, i’m currently majoring in Computer Science specializing in Digital Forensics. I also play trombone for the Graduate Jazz Lab Band here at BGSU!

Been using linux constantly for a few years, currently running Fedora and Gentoo on my desktop and my laptop is running Void (my personal favorite distro!) and Windows (needed Visual Studio and the lockdown browser).

To follow the cat picture here’s my dog!


been thinking about picking up a Thinkpad to Libreboot, however i really love my XPS 13!

Aye. Is the sad fate of many GNU/Linux users going to school. I remember my CS2010 section making VS a hard requirement for some reason, so I would write and test C++ code in Vim and my shell, and then paste that code into a library computer’s copy of Visual Studio so I could get the project file. What a world.

Join the Thinkpad cult community for the True Business™ Experience :smiling_imp:

Howdy, I’m Lee. I’m an Electrical & Computer Engineering Major. I like old computers and old computer culture. Here is a picture of my computer!

I enjoy GNU/Linux tools and general Unix philosophy when it comes to computer software. I wrote my papers in groff last semester. I can’t confirm it was not a waste of time but it was fun. Looking forward to connecting and learning from like-minded folks!


Windows (needed Visual Studio and the lockdown browser).

if i recall correctly, vscode is a good alternative, but i don’t know how that’ll play out in an educational environment.
as for lockdown browser, it’s a bummer.

for whatever reason it’s a hard requirement for CS 2010. i’ve used vscode for a long time and i do like it but i’m giving NvChad a shot and am thinking about trying Doom Emacs too.

i have an ebay alert set to try and find a nice T400s to libreboot and put gentoo on, we’ll see if i find anything nice!


My name is Alex Scott. меня зовут Саша.

I am a creative writing major with a minors in CS Russian.

I’m not sure how I got here, I saw Ian in a food hall, said nice stickers and due to nepotism my expertise in computers, made VP.

Seriously though, I do have an interest in CS, I have taken A class in CS and have an interest in Linux and Tux Cart.



I’m yoinking this thread back to the top for any new members that have registered recently for the start of the semester :slight_smile: Introduce yourself!

Well hi. My name is Ewen.

I’m majoring in software engineering, which hopefully gets me somewhere in life.

I try to use as much FOSS software as I can in life. School has always done its best to try and get me to use whatever the new propreitary software of the week is, but I think I’ve done a good job avoiding it. My phone uses only FOSS apps (besides Duo Mobile. Thanks BGSU.) but sadly still has stock Android installed because Samsung sucks.

As for GNU/Linux I’ve done some distro hopping, as has everyone who uses Linux full time, but for now I’ve settled for Arch as my current daily driver. I used to use XFCE as my desktop environment, but have recently switched over to using AwesomeWM instead. I had a Windows QEMU/KVM with single GPU passthrough setup for school incase I needed it, but so far I haven’t (Plus I think I borked it awhile ago and haven’t bothered to fix it yet).

I also love to hack/mod video game consoles to push them to their absolute limits.


You can configure a device on Duo to do 2FA over phone call or SMS. That’s what I do!

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