High School admin: you're using too much technology

now fill out this online form instead of a piece of paper because digital hall pass is the future

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These are gold

it all started when i raised my hand in class. “yes y/n?” my teacher said. “c-c-c-can i p-p-p-please use the b-b-b-bathroom?” i asked. my teacher rolled his eyes “yeah whatever” my teacher said. “t-t-t-thanks” i stuttered, blinking my large diamond crystal ocean sky blue orbs. i trip out the classroom door into the hallway. i stumble down the hallway towards the bathroom when i hear a growling voice behind me. “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING” he yelled. i turned around to see e-hallpass staring at me. “w-w-w-w-what are you d-d-d-d-doing here” i stuttered shyly. e-hallpass walked aggressively toward me. he shoved me hard into the lockers which made the entire hallway shake. “where are you going y/n” he growled lowly. “t-t-t-that’s n-n-none of your b-b-business” i said. he pushed me harder into the lockers. “yes it is” he purred into my ear “you know why?” “w-w-why?” i asked timidly. “because,” he leaned closer to me. i felt his manly breath hot on my neck. “ i own this whole school and everything in it. you know what that means?” “w-w-what?” “ it means” he growled, shoving me back against the locker “that i own you too. and you aren’t allowed to go anywhere without my permission.” i look up at him shyly and blink my sapphire diamond winter ice lapis sea blue eyes. he smirks. “your mine y/n”

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