Good Web Design Examples

I’ve been thinking about web design. Whether its pleasing to look at or efficient to navigate. Websites that display information in simple or sensical ways. hot sites ★彡.

I criticize web sites for losing the way, but I’m not a web developer; I just use web sites!

I want to try to focus on examples of good web design. Websites that feel good; look good. Websites that inspire you. Websites that make you go
“heck, this is a good website”

Maybe put examples of websites you’re not fond of here too if you encounter any. Really just any website that you have something to say about.

For example:

My website sucks; but it’s 23KB and it loads in 0.02 seconds. It’s not pleasing to look at. But it gets the job done. I don’t think my website is an example of a good website; but it is a reflection some things I value.

I like Tofugu’s website. It’s simple and pleasant to use. I think it’s a good example of modern design done well. It’s pretty and its sensical. When I am on this website I’m having a good time.

Oops. is 700kb because of a packaged font and a peculiarly large favicon. I will report after downsizing.

I have forgotten the correct terminology, but by 23KB, I meant the data the user would need to pull when pulling up the web page (ignoring any cache stored from previous visit). My website is actually much bigger! Mainly because I use it for storage and file sharing like some sort of goblin.

I’m not sure what is the most accurate method of checking a website’s web pullage but the same one I used to check mine reports that your’s is 19KB. Honestly I have no idea how to properly check this sort of thing at the moment.

I think you have the fonts cached. Disabling caching inflates the size a ton. Honestly, I should remove the fonts entirely if only because I like when sites let me use whatever font I have on my own computer.

Alright, put me on the list. The font I required accounted for almost the entire site size, so it was about time.

@Llerup Sent this site to me a while ago.
Easy to access, straight to the point, has a soul


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I like what I am looking at

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The layout of this blog is a pleasure to navigate. The number of rooms to navigate nearly approaches over-complexity. But there are a lot of smart examples of how to display information. Their articles show a thoughtfulness toward web design, and it is reflected in their website.

I remember Tofugu from back in the day.

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