Games You Play, Volume I

Just a topic for any video game you’ve been playing recently / recommendations. I’ve restarted Dark Souls III after a hiatus, and it’s been pretty fun.

I’ve been getting into Hedon Bloodrite, a retro fps game built on the doom engine.
Despite the limitations, there’s so much attention to detail to the environments, and features fantastic music, including deus ex music that didn’t make the final cut.

On the topic of Dark Souls, I’ve definitely wanted to give a shot at some point. Considering I’ve played games like The Binding of Isaac and Risk of Rain 2, Dark Souls would have some familiar interests.

Been playing Pokémon Crystal recently.

If anyone’s looking for a Quake-like multiplayer fps game, I really like Xonotic. It’s licensed under GPLv3+, and has all the amenities from Quake Live plus some. Very mod-able and lightweight, I dare you to find a computer it can’t run on.


i love me some quake 3, definitely gonna check this out
perhaps a friendly tournament in the future? :eyes: