Game Development

Anyone here into Game Development?

I’m personally mainly a Ren’Py dev, but I’ve also used A-Frame, RPG Maker, and Unity before.


Not so much into the technical parts of game dev. I would love to get into that, but I’m afraid its to advance for me to understand just yet. Though as a writing major, one of my dream type jobs is being a writer for a game. misc. dialog, flavor text, anything and everything like that I would be happy to help out if needed.

Ren’Py is honestly a pretty good option to get started. Syntax is a cross of English and python.

I could use Ren’Py but when it comes to art, I really don’t wanna use stock/generic anime art

That’s understandable. You don’t really need to use Art if you don’t have an artist though. Can always focus on narrative and choices, with colours used in the background to accent choices. NVL format Visual Novels may be better then ADV visual novels in this case. (Essentially using Ren’Py as a user friendly text adventure engine)

There’s also a small market for visual novels with western art.

I started to get into a little game development earlier this year. I had a hard time getting started. I thought it might help if I restricted myself by choosing a specific platform to develop something for. I ended up deciding on the Sony Playstation. It was really fun to use era-appropriate documentation and tools. I made a post about it on my website.



If you’re interested here is some of the mentioned documentation. don’t worry very legal!

That’s awesome. Especially so sticking to the tools of the time. Can you distribute a copy of the source code? I’d like to try to build it.

I’m not sure if you’d be up to it, but you might consider writing an intro to PS1 Programming on Wikibooks. They have a few books on console game programming, so I’m sure it would be welcome!

@Llerup woah this is cool! I’m not familiar with wikibooks but I’d like to give it a try.

@ian I’d love to share the source code. Once I boot my old gateway up I’ll transfer it. I probably ought to have it backed up anyway in case the hard drive fails. Important to note that in order to compile it you would need the PSYQ development kit available on I believe some people have successfully got it running in GNU/Linux.

//Update @ian
Here is the source! It is setup to compile under Windows 98. It is a mess. I don’t know much about this stuff. But the the main.c and 2 header files should be interesting to peruse.