Food is fake

Unless your food was grown on mount olympus and kissed by Zeus himself, it’s fake.

Your Cheddar Cheese is fake if it dosen’t have an English accent.

The French and Swiss are outraged over the abomination that is foreign Gruyère.

Sweet wine from Austira in the 1980’s has a wild story.

Only 8 to 9 restaurants in the USA actually import Kobe beef from Japan.

Most Wasabi in the US is fraudulent.


Champagne is only from a specific region of France, and to say otherwise is to ignore it’s terroir.

If Parmesan Cheese ain’t from Parma Italy, It ain’t real Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

Real New York City Pizza comes from New York City, not Shanghai.

True Pollyeyes stuffed breadsticks are crafted in the Bowling Green region of Ohio.

A lot of Extra Virgin Olive oil is fake.

A lot of Bourbon is fake

A lot of Scotch Whisky is fake.

A lot of Maple Syrup is fake.