Fixing Transit in BG

I’ve been brainstorming cool ways to fix traffic in BG. Feel free to chip in with your own ideas!

  • Monorail from my house to campus.
  • Heated lazy river circling campus. Recreation OR take a gondola if you’re on your way to class.
  • A new shiny proprietary Transohr system.
  • Order that one bus in china that just travels over traffic.
  • Replace the standard speed buses with high speed buses that efficiently take students across campus at speeds of up to 120 miles per hour. Do not waste money building sepearte roads or pedestrian skyways, we can share the road.
  • Chariot pulled by Starship Robots and a frat bro pinned to the front screaming “WITNESS ME” like in Mad Max.
  • Make the entire city pedestrian only, including I-75 within city limits. Chevrolegs for everyone!
  • Have students skydive to class from student piloted planes, both improving transit time, as well as student flight hours available.
  • Create an elevated slope through town to permit the use of toboggans.
  • Aerial tramway network between all buildings on campus.
  • Have the city freeze over the roads officially and on purpose in winter so we can do a local version of Ice Road Truckers.
  • Turn residence hall rooms into coffin hotel pods with VR headsets. The only way to officially go to class is with a telepresence robot. In person attendees will be marked absent.
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If you’re trying to just get around campus, talking to the bomb-omb outside University unlocks the cannon.
By the way, does anyone know how to get the star on top of the building with 0 A presses?

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does anyone know how to get the star on top of the building with 0 A presses?

build up speed by running into the west facing wall of jerome library’s 8th floor for 447 minutes. then use that momentum to travel 6.7 QPUs west; placing you on top of university hall, right in front of the star