Do people really not know how to use folders, or is this just Gen Z bashing?

Apparently a lot of new students have trouble understanding what a folder is? I haven’t seen it personally, but then I don’t hang with freshmen much.

Freshman here, I know what a directory is. I don’t know what’s going on here, but if i had to guess, it’s either gen z bashing or a some kids grew up using cloud devices.

Haha, I read this article this morning.

“They use a computer one way, and we use a computer another way,” Guarin-Zapata emphasizes. “That’s where the problem is starting.”
Ford agrees. “These are smart kids,” she says. “They’re doing astrophysics. They get stuff. But they were not getting this.”

His advice to fellow educators: Get ready. “This is not gonna go away,” he says. “You’re not gonna go back to the way things were. You have to accept it. The sooner that you accept that things change, the better.”

Ah yes, students being bullied by tech companies from childhood is now a “paradigm shift” that we have to “accept.” It isn’t like the actual filesystem technology has changed, it’s just that software products are more brazen in forcing users to become reliant on them, and then their services by proxy. It’s been happening so long that we are now seeing the consequences of raising kids on this crap. That isn’t the same as “using a computer a different way.”

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Me and my new cloud device.


Favorite quote from the article has to be “Take their phones away and get ‘em on Windows 98.”

Peak of tech illiterates lecturing younger tech illiterates about their tech literacy. Grade school ought to have a ‘computer basics’ course that delineates not just how to use a computer, but the basics of how a computer works and why (what is a filesystem, what is an operating system, how is software made and how does software work, etc.)

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Why do that when you can shill to corporations? At my High School Computer Literacy was Microsoft Office XP. Web Development class was Adobe CS3 (Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash, with a side of illustrator and Photoshop for Image Maps) targeting IE6.

We can’t teach fundamentals, we have to focus on skills they will use in the industry. I wonder why I can’t get work making flash websites now?

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Necro: Can Gen Z read a clock?

Idea: Turn the current time into NFTs, this advertising mag says zoomers love NFT, and you don’t even need deep learning to run a script generating JPGs of digital time.

See you at the billionaires club!


Turn the current time into NFTs

Whoa… Are you telling me I can uniquely own a non-fungible token representing Tuesday January 11 at 10:30:16??? Sign me up!!!


COVID makes the smoking popular with Gen Z and Millennials.

History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes

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NO earlier generations never smoked.