Discord Server Subscriptions

My old friend is the owner of a discord server. He is proud of it; and I admit it is nice to be able to connect with my high school friends with relative ease.

While my server knowledge is usually ignored when I offer to run things instead of paying for server renting, my friend has finally respected and requested my server knowledge for his idea.

Apparently discord has implemented a way for discord communities to pay a subscription in order to gain access to a server.

His idea is to run a discord community and by subscribing to it you would have access to a community, hosted events, a minecraft server and other popular video game servers. And he needs my help running the servers.

Am I out of touch? Who would pay for this? I feel that putting a price on a community kills it. I am having a hard time bringing the news to my friend that I think his idea is stupid. Any thoughts on this?

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I meant to respond to this earlier.

I think paying for some communities makes sense, but there are caveats. For example, if you’re paying for content and the community is a bonus, that is an easier pill to swallow. It is your choice that you want to join.

For IRL communities where you are a member of (IE: School friends), this is a much harder pill to swallow, and it feels more like an obligation, and puts those who would rather not in a difficult place socially speaking.

I’ve been party to “Exclusive” tiers online communities before (I was gifted membership). What I experienced was mostly a circlejerk about how superior folks felt to be in their special group. There are probably more reasonable communities elsewhere, but that has been my experience thus far.