Big Storm: Stock up

They say there’s a big storm coming in on Wednesday and Thursday. Now is a good time to stock up on supplies, get your laundry done, take out the trash, check out some books, and maybe fill some 2 liter bottles with water just in case.

Is anyone else going to the Battle for Aldi’s Bottled Water And Lunch Meat™ later today?

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I hear Kroger just got


back in stock

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Before I forget:

Make sure to move your car of the street if it’s parked in a snow lane.

If your power and heat goes out and you absolutely, positively can not shelter in place, (Which you should do if at all possible), and you are able to make it to campus SAFELY, then most of the buildings on campus have backup diesel generators, and can keep the power on. Heat is centralized, and will almost certainly remain on campus.

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