BGSU website redesign

What do you all think of the BGSU Website redesign?

The landing page reads more like a tech startup pitch than a state school site.
It isn’t very functional and is just a big sell for parents.
All the stuff for students is crammed at the bottom or stuck in drop-downs.
+1 for keeping the A-Z links, albeit at the very end.

Take me back, Rodney. I want off your wild ride.


no texture and no soul.
I want to reach out and touch the website.
I want to feel like I’m in Rodney’s Virtual Space.
The home page should present itself as a vessel to other worlds. Wherefore I embark on a journey of corridors and spaces. From the grandeur of Admissions to the great halls of Billing. We explore through interactive entertainment and multimedia in the future of user experience.


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