Why is it called rollalong.org?
Ay Ziggy Zoomba!

Who is this website for?
I made this website as a place for BGSU students, as well as the wider Bowling Green Community. Feel free to make an account and post about local topics, hobbies, academics, et cetera.

What are the rules?
The site rules are located here.

I’m not getting the activation mail!
Through testing, I’ve found a lot of providers will throw our mail in the trash, or file it as spam. For now, I don’t recommend registering with a bgsu.edu mail address, as they seem to throw our mail completely out of reach or delay its delivery.

I’ve registered, but I can’t use my account yet.
For spam purposes, the staff is manually approving account registration (at least for now). Your account should be available to use within the day.

There’s a category I want to file my post under, but it doesn’t exist!
If you think there should be a new category, mail me at ian@eonn.xyz or PM me.

What software does this forum use?
This site runs on Discourse.

I need help understanding this site’s structure.
Here’s some general information and advice for first-time users.

Happee Cat
Happee is a happy cat. He is happy because he is happy. And he is a stick cat.
Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license, attributed to Tangalangalang.